Out of the delirium

13 Feb

It has been a long time. My mains exams are over. And all other mundane official work and shuttling to and from Kolkata. Blogposts have been long overdue. I have taken to writing short stories, which I wish to but I can’t publish here.

The winter may not have been cold enough, but it was all gloom, with ailments and disappointments, as if dementors were breeding.

This is my last attempt. I lack the perseverance and patience and stamina for another gruelling mains exam. I have been so exhausted after this one that I have stopped expecting anything about the results, and right now, concentrating only in reading books and writing.

And it is best not to expect.

Of anything. From anyone. Said many a wise men.


Books. The only solace. I have completed Anne of Green Gables series by L.M Montgomery, finished the fourth book of George R. R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and The Storyteller’s Tale by Omair Ahmed. Now, I have begun with The Far Pavillions by M. M Kaye.

Anne series ended tragically with one of Anne and Gilbert’s sons, Walter, an aspiring poet, dying in the First World War. It reminded me of Wilfred Owen.

Omair Ahmed’s book is a fantastic rendering of different persons telling and retelling the same tale. A short yet profound novella, it explores facets of diverse emotions from the eyes of various narrators.

George R. R Martin’s series portrays various characters in a world of Westeros and Essos teeming with various houses and lords and castles fighting over the possession of the Iron Throne. There are intrigues and conspiracies, and no character is purely good or bad. Everyone is endowed with a hamartia that brings about his or her fall. There are dragons and white walkers (kind of zombies), mysterious priests/priestesses and savage tribes, and yet I feel the world portrayed is no different from our world. If you think otherwise, just think about the Peshawar carnage. Once I complete the fifth book, I plan to write a complete post on this series.


With this post, I hope to break out of the delirium.

P.S: Some happy tidings. A batchmate from the economics department and a junior from my department of college have together published a poetry book called Prelude to the Horizon. Kudos to you Arindam and Monami. 🙂

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